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Maximizing the Moment

It has been said that the opportunity of a lifetime must be seized in the lifetime of the moment of that opportunity.  There have been far too many moments in the lives of countless numbers of people where maximum opportunity has not been achieved due to a lack of preparedness.  In 2014, let us all be resolute in a commitment to not miss another great opportunity for lack of preparation or procrastination.  

A lifetime of excuses will undoubtedly yield a lifetime of regrets.  The countless “if I only had” statements can discourage the best of us.  Let this year mark a new beginning for looking forward and only looking back to retrieve a teachable lesson.  The next time you are tempted to pull out the old “if I only had” statement, I want you to complete a very simple exercise:

Remove a pair of shoes from your closet (or remove the shoes you are currently wearing), and proceed to try and put them on with your toes in the heels of the shoes…….

Impossible isn’t it……you are absolutely correct!

You cannot move forward….your feet won’t even fit in the shoes!

There are too many opportunities that lie ahead to waste time on what didn’t work in the past…..build a bridge and “get over it”….move on ……in haste!

~Olga Johnson


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Olga Johnson is the President of TEI.

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